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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

redsquare Do you have a separate unit for your Memory / Alzheimer’s patients?

Yes. We have a 28 bed unit on our first floor. The doors to the unit are secured with a Wander Guard System requiring a code to enter and exit the facility for our memory patients’ safety. Our Memory Lane Neighborhood staff are trained to work with the special health care needs of these patients.


redsquare What kind of programming / activities do you offer for your memory patients?

We have activity personnel that are dedicated solely to Memory Lane Neighborhood to ensure a consistent routine and provide structured programming throughout the day and evening for our memory patients. Exercise, trivia, beauty, music, relaxation and social groups are all part of our daily structured routine. Devotion programs are offered on the unit as well. Those that are able, are also encouraged to participate in activities on other floors. A staff member from Memory Lane Neighborhood will remain with them while they are on other floors. The Alverno activities staff also provide one on one visits with each memory patient outside of the scheduled programs on the unit.


redsquare Do you have an area in Memory Lane Neighborhood that is less stimulating when a memory patient becomes overwhelmed by the activity around him/her?

Yes. We have a family / relaxation room that is equipped with a couple of rocking chairs that many of our memory patients find more soothing and calming. There is access to soft, gentle music in this room as well if needed. During warmer months, there is an enclosed, secured patio area outside off from the unit. Many times, weather permitting, our activities staff will schedule programming and supervision for our memory patients in this area to provide for an outdoor environment.


redsquare Are the rooms at Memory Lane Neighborhood private or semi-private?

We have both. However, most of the rooms on this unit are private.


redsquare What makes Memory Lane Neighborhood different from the services offered on the other floors?

As mentioned above, Memory Lane Neighborhood is a secured unit to provide for the safety of wandering patients. Our activities department generally provides structured programs and activities for a longer portion of the day, from approximately 9:00 am until 8:00 pm. Each room in Memory Lane Neighborhood is equipped with the "Companion Radio" service which is a satellite service that provides the facility with a calming, serenity station that can be played in each room when desired. Our Memory Lane Neighborhood staff are trained to understand the memory/dementia process and to know how to deal with the difficulties that come with it.

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