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Long Term Care
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

2nd Floor Specific Questions

3rd Floor Specific Questions

1 Are religious services available?

Yes. The Alverno offers a variety of religious services including Sunday worship services offered by a rotation of area ministers, communion services, daily morning prayer services, Bible studies, scripture studies, mass, rosary, and Holy Hours. The Alverno has a pastoral and spiritual coordinator on staff who is available to provide pastoral care and support to all residents and their family members. (Click here to see listing of worship services)


1 Are planned programs available to keep my family member busy / occupied?

Yes. The Alverno offers a wide variety of clubs, classes, committees and activities to encourage involvement and social interaction. There are also a variety of performers such as children’s groups, musicians, historians, and singing groups that frequent The Alverno. (Click here to see our monthly activity calendar)


1 How much assistance will my family member receive?

Your family member will be assessed by our staff to determine how much assistance is needed. Our nursing staff and C.N.A.’s provide assistance with range of motion, dressing, transfers, ambulation, bathing and eating skills. This assistance is given on a daily basis to maintain and/or improve ability to carry out activities of daily living.


1 Can you choose what time you get up and go to bed?

Yes. Every attempt is made to accommodate our residents’ preferred daily routine.


1 What if you don’t like what the meal is that is being served?

If a resident does not care for the meal being offered, every effort is made to accommodate a resident with a choice that is more pleasing. The Alverno believes that mealtime is an enjoyable and important time of the day, and it is the mission of our dietary department to help improve the quality of life of the people we serve through excellence in nutrition care.


1 What are the visiting hours?

Family and friends are not only welcome at The Alverno, but are encouraged to visit. Our visiting hours are 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If visitors plan to arrive prior to 8:00 am or after 8:30 pm, they will need to ring the door bell located in our entry way, and someone from our staff will assist them as the facility doors are locked during these hours to assist in keeping the facility secure.


1 What items come with the rooms, and what items can you bring from home?

The rooms at The Alverno are already equipped with drapes, linens, a bedspread, a lounge chair and a television (in the rehab unit only). As with any stay away from home, please plan to bring your own clothing, shoes, glasses, dentures, hearing aids, Medicaid/Medicare and/or any insurance cards, your living will or advance directive paperwork, and any legal guardianship or conservator documents. Optional items to bring include a favorite chair or lift chair, walker, wheelchair, cane, clock, plants, books, magazines, toiletries, electric razor, makeup, perfume, and pictures.


1 Will I receive therapy?

The therapy program at the Alverno has been divided into three sections to better serve our patients based on their needs. Our multidisciplinary staff will work together with you to determine the best program for you to help you meet your goals. We offer skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapy; restorative therapy for long term care residents that need the benefits of therapy to promote their independence; and level 3 therapies performed by floor nursing staff including basic range of motion, dressing and transfer training, ambulation, and eating skills training.


1 Will I have a roommate?

There are a few semi-private rooms at The Alverno, but the majority of the rooms at the Alverno are private rooms.


1 Can my name go on a waiting list of I am not ready to come yet?

Yes. It is a good idea to complete an application and meet with the Admissions Coordinator if you are considering choosing The Alverno, even if you are not ready to be admitted yet. This makes the admission process much quicker and more efficient when the time is right for you. If you are on the waiting list, you may be contacted regarding an available room. If you are not ready, you may remain on the waiting list.


1 Will The Alverno do my laundry?

Yes. Laundry service is provided by The Alverno at no extra expense, unless your family designates that they will be responsible for doing your laundry. Laundry at The Alverno, is washed on a daily basis and clothing is typically returned to our residents within 24 hours.

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Second Floor FAQs

red square How much assistance does someone need to live on the second floor vs. the third floor?

Generally, if someone needs more assistance than one caregiver can provide at any given time, they would be more appropriate for our second floor. The individuals who live on our second floor generally require more assistance than our third floor patients, who are more independent with their care.


red square Do the residents on the second floor eat in the dining area on that unit, or do they go elsewhere to eat?

Some of the residents on second floor go to our main dining area across from our front lobby area. However, some stay on the unit to eat meals, especially if they need staff assistance with eating.


red square If a second floor resident goes to the hospital, and then needs skilled care services upon their return, do they have to change rooms?

No. All of the beds at the Alverno are licensed as skilled care beds. If a person returns from a hospitalization with physician orders for skilled care, he/she is able to remain in his/her prior room and still receive skilled care services.


red square What activities are available to second floor residents?

Second floor residents are able to take part in any activities scheduled in the facility. Some of the activities take place directly on the unit while others take place in the main lobby area of the facility. Residents will receive assistance to other areas in the facility to take part in programs, if they need it. They are also able to participate in monthly bus outings.


red square Are all of the rooms on second floor semi-private?

No. The majority of rooms on the second floor are private rooms.


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Third Floor FAQs

red square Will I have to share a room?

No. Most of the rooms offer private accomodations.


red square How independent does someone have to be to live on 3rd floor?

In general, the residents that live on our third floor are more independent than the residents who live in the rest of the facility. They are independent with supervision by our staff, or require assistance of only one staff member at any given time.

red square What do you do if someone is admitted to third floor and their condition later worsens requiring more assistance than 3rd floor can give?

If someone’s condition changes and their needs would be better met on one of our other floors, a room change takes place and we place the person in a room on a floor that is more suitable to their needs when an opening becomes available. Our housekeeping staff does a wonderful job of carefully moving everything to the resident's new room.


red square Do the residents ever go “out”?

Yes. Our activity department does an excellent job arranging for various outings for our residents who are able and willing to go. The Alverno has a specially equipped bus to provide for this service.


red square Do third floor residents eat in the dining area on that floor, or do they eat elsewhere?

Residents who need assistance and/or supervision with eating generally eat in the dining area on the third floor. Residents who are independent with eating generally go down to the main dining area just off from the front lobby area of the facility.


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